“I practice Yoga and Oriental Martial Arts since 1974. I was instructed in Mantra Yoga by Lobsang Jinpa and Lobsang Puntsok Dhosam, tibetan monks of the Gelupa sect. From 1979 I have worked as an actor, dancer and fencing choreographer in theatre, cinema and television, participating in productions at: Teatro dell'Opera - Rome, Teatro La Scala - Milan, B.A.M - New York, Bill T. Jones & Art Zane Company etc... Since 2011 I work exclusively teaching Yoga.”.


If you practice yoga wholeheartedly sooner or later you will face an abyss, a mute desert harrowing the heart. Time rules on death - defeat time and you’ll attain eternity. The void instead knows no overlord, but when you reach it… Then it happens, it simply happens - the heart, devoid of memories and dreams, reveals itself. Emotions more ancient than mankind then glow and spark back to life…. ..........More in : BLOG , DAOYIN, YOUTUBE


Yoga is an Art, just as Poetry, Sculpture and Music are. It is a dance enacting life (the Goddess) enacting our existence. The art of Hatha-Yoga releases our bonds and atunes our inner being to the universe. This inner being is neither our soul, nor our conscience, it is the inner voice of every single living cell. Therein whispers the sleeping Goddess, humming the secret of life…...........More in: BLOG , DAOYIN, YOUTUBE


You can die two, three, ten times a day and be reborn in the smile of a child, in the silent glide of a hawk. The turmoil of life sometimes seems to be a pointless chain of pleasure and pain from which we would like to withdraw, as the swimmer from an overwhelming wave. Other times we abandon ourselves to the waves with the recklessness of a lover and then, if only for an instant, we relish in that unreasonably luminous silence we call Joy. The unexperienced, and there are many of them, belive that the aim of Yoga is to attain a withdrawal from the senses, from emotions, almost as if Yoga were the noble brother of apathy. Useless to remind them that it was Śiva, the unfettered wild dweller of the woods and King of dance that brought Yoga to mankind.....More in: BLOG , DAOYIN, YOUTUBE


oga is the dance of the Gods. I never tire of repeating it. Yet every time a gesture, perhaps repeated a thousand times, springs to life, I am surprised. Real beauty is fleeting and rare. A pearl of dew in the first sun at dawn moves us more than an ancient jewel, the budding rose on a rock, solitary and unannounced, mocks both the rock and the most acclaimed of artists. Once in a while a mudra or a sequence become a dance, the body of the yogin, the stage of the Nataraja and his Spouse, but only once in a while, not often at all. Gods are capricious, or perhaps we hav’nt yet mastered the art of surrendering. Yelding to gravity is the only way to overcome it in flight. To abandon oneself to the ancient wisdom of the body is the only way to rise beyond it and see oneself – the Seer."..........More in: BLOG , DAOYIN, YOUTUBE

COURSES - stages

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